This website sucks donkey dick! I’ve had accounts on other networking websites that are a lot easier to figure out, than this one! Facebook was easier to figure out, than this site. Myspace. com was easier to figure out. was easier to figure out on this website. It’s easier to figure out how to respond to threads on such places as the Aspie hangout on delphiforms, than this website. Same with when you could still do that, and facebook. But not this one. It’s too fucking hard. I don’t get how other people do it. And how the fuck are you supposed to contact anyone on here? I’m totally lost on my own profile about how to do these things!

Once up on a time, there was a little retard that couldn’t get a job, couldn’t work, couldn’t go to school, and couldn’t learn anything new. And in spite her best efforts, everything she tried in the line of work and every class she tried to take in college, everything…

Rose Brennan Reedy

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